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Voice Over. Narrator. Voice Artist. Voice Talent. Voice Actor.

  • Male North American English voice over talent (no regional accent).
  • Professional voiceover talent with experience & range.
  • Full production Source Connect studio with fast turnaround & competitive rates. 
  • Easy to work with, efficient & attention to detail.
  • HEAR SAMPLES:     Click buttons above or on the right.

Voice overs for:
Narration & voice over for video, Flash & PowerPoint presentations, documentaries, podcasts, tutorials, webinars, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, technical and e-learning presentations.

Sample 24-hour turnaround voiceover service - FREE
Send us your script. Within 24 hours we’ll return a custom voiceover audition via email plus a quote for the job if selected. We'll provide several deliveries or styles as options and even help polish your script.  Review your audio sample to sense how the voice over will sound before proceeding.  Ask for your quick quote & free custom demo.

We can’t do yesterday... but how's tomorrow?
Depending on the scope of your project we can usually return an audition by the end of the following business day.  If it’s a project of up to 10 minutes in length we guarantee you’ll have your finished audio  within 48 hours. You're invited to listen in on the recording session in real time through our phone patch connection to offer any necessary direction. 

Connect with us:

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